F = Fall, S = Spring, Su = Summer
UBC = University of British Columbia, UMA = UMass Amherst,
AC = Amherst College, SC = Smith College

Courses Taught as Primary Instructor


  • CENS 201: Contrasts & Conflicts – Witches (UBC, S2013, S2014)
  • CENS 307: Witches: Myth & Reality (UBC, S2015, S2016, F2016, F2017, F2018, F2019)
  • German 110Y: Elementary German (SC, F2007, S2008)
  • German 110: Elementary German I (UMA, F2002, S2005)
  • German 120: Elementary German II (UMA, S2003, Su2003)
  • German 126H: Intensive Elementary German (Honors) (UMA, F2008)
  • German 230: Intermediate German I (UMA, F2003, F2005)
  • German 240: Intermediate German II (UMA, S2004, S2006)
  • German 296: Directed Reading and Research (UMA, S2012)
  • German 320: Advanced German II (UMA, S2012)
  • German 349: Witches: Myth and Reality (AC, F2011) (featured in the “In the Classroom” series on the Amherst College website and in the Springfield Republican [PDF file, 1MB])
  • German 372: Viennese Modernism, 1880-1914 (UMA, S2010, F2010, F2011)
  • German 391G: German & Scandinavian Junior Seminar (Junior Year Writing) (UMA, F2010, F2011)
  • German 425: Advanced Composition and Conversation (Mysteries and Crime Stories) (UMA, S2009, S2011)
  • German 499Y: Honors Research (UMA, F2011)
  • Scandinavian 332A: Topics in Scandinavian Studies – Heroes in Nordic Literature and Film (UBC, S2014, F2014)
  • Scandinavian 411A: Scandinavian Drama and Film (UBC, F2012, F2013, F2014, F2015, S2018, S2020)
  • Scandinavian 412: The Northern European Epic (UBC, F2012)
  • Scandinavian 415: The World of the Sagas (UBC, F2016, S2019)
  • Swedish 110: Elementary Swedish I (UMA, F2006, F2008)
  • Swedish 120: Elementary Swedish II (UMA, S2007, S2009)
  • Swedish 196: Accelerated Elementary Swedish (UMA, F2009)
  • Swedish 230: Intermediate Swedish I (UMA, F2009)
  • Swedish 396: Contemporary Swedish Culture (UMA, S2011)
  • Swedish 397A: Advanced Swedish I (Swedish Fantasies, Dreams, and Nightmares) (UMA, F2006)
  • Swedish 397B: Advanced Swedish II (Young Voices) (UMA, S2007)


  • German 500A: German Studies Research Methods (UBC, F2017, F2019)
  • German 510: Literary History (UBC, S2013, S2015, F2018)
  • German 521: Viennese Modernism – German Cultural Studies (UBC, F2013, S2016)
  • German 620: Graduate Stylistics (UMA, S2009)
  • German 697E: Enlightenment 2.0 (UMA, F2009)
  • German 697N: Debating Contemporary Germany (UMA, S2009)
  • German 698: Teaching Practicum (UMA, F2008, F2011)
  • German 791B: Germanness in 18th- and 19th-Century German Literature (UMA, S2011)

As Teaching Assistant

  • Communication 340: History of Film. Prof. Barton Byg. UMA F2004. (ca. 115 students)
  • German 270: From Grimms to Disney: Germanic Fairy Tales and U.S. Popular Culture. Prof. Susan Cocalis. UMA S2005, S2008. (ca. 200 students) Gen. Ed. Requirements: Arts/Literature.
  • German 363: Witches: Myth and Historical Reality. Prof. Susan Cocalis. UMA F2006, F2007. (ca. 200 students) Gen. Ed. requirements: Interdisciplinary, Global Diversity.
  • German 397S: The Nordic Ideal: Romanticism, Politics, and the Arts in 19th- and 20th-Century Scandinavia. Prof. Sherrill Harbison. UMA F2006. (ca. 20 students) Gen. Ed. requirement: Arts.
  • Women’s Studies 1010: Foundations of Women’s Studies. Prof. Colleen S. Bell. S2001. Hamline U.